size: 300g

roast profile: FILTER


tasting notes: PINEAPPLE - PEACH - BLACK TEA


origin: ETHIOPIA

location: GUJI URAGA


washing station: BISRAT MALAKU

variety: HEIRLOOM

process: WASHED

elevation (MASL): 2300

ETHIOPIA Bisrat Malaku

  • At stunning heights of 2240 meters above sea-level, you find the Uraga Bisrat washing station in the Uraga Woreda, Guji Zone. An open patch of land, surrounded by Bisana and Wanza shade trees, reveals the station that processes one of Uraga’s finest coffees. Bisrat Melaku is the proud owner and founder of the Uraga Bisrat washing station. Besides running the station, he has a small coffee farm that enjoys the cover of the natural Guji canopy. By both farming and processing coffee, Bisrat proves that he is an active coffee entrepreneur. His drive for coffee started years ago while he strolled through the coffee garden of his grandparents.

    Bisrat’s grandparents came from the Solomo town, the largest in the Uraga Woreda. Years before coffee was a recognized cash crop in Guji, his grandparents started to grow coffee alongside the traditional enset, potato’s, and sugar cane crops. “They picked coffee cherries from their garden and used horses to transport the coffee to the nearest buyers”, says Bisrat. As far as Bisrat can remember, his family was always into growing coffee. Although he was the youngest child in his family, they involved him in growing and harvesting. A childhood experience that would fuel his love for the bean.

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