size: 300g 

roast profile: FILTER  




origin: HONDURAS

location: COPAN
producer: KATIA DUKE


variety: CATUAI


elevation (MASL): 1300

HONDURAS Katia Duke (microorganism)

  • San Isidro is only a fifteen minute drive from the town of Ruinas de Copan. The area is quite dry and dusty, similar to Marcala, Intibuca, and Opalaca. The farm has been in Katia’s family for generations and her family has always produced coffee traditionally, selling the coffee in parchment to local intermediaries. Katia spent most of her youth on the farm and was dedicated to following the tradition of her parents. She studied agronomy at the prestigious San Morano agronomic university in Honduras. In 2012, the roya leaf rust epidemic hit Honduras and most of the crop was destroyed. This urged Katia to actively change the way she and her family think about coffee.


    The first step for Katia was to better understand the specialty coffee industry. She took various courses and became a certified barista and roaster. She opened her own coffee shop and started roasting the farm’s coffee. Naturally, the next step was to grow specialty coffee for export. After much discussion with her father, she was granted her own plots of land to farm as she liked. Now, five years later, these experiments have given many fruits.

    Katia has not only been able to produce outstanding coffee and develop relations with roasters, she has also been a leader of her community. The growth of her farm and the community have been mutual. The flagship projects have been building a school and supplying a nutritional program. This achievement had the deeper effect of inspiring the community, showing that, in a country known for machismo, it can be a woman leading the way forward through coffee.

    Katia had to work very hard to earn respect as a farmer solely for being female. On her first day as a coffee producer, only two women showed up to the farm to work with her. All others did not wish to work for a woman. Now, after years of struggle, Katia has formed a strong team in which mutual respect is the main principle.

    This lot of Catuai coffee underwent Microorganism Fermentation Washed processing. The process begins with taking the leftover liquid from a batch of anaerobically fermented coffee, called mossto, which is full of different yeasts and microbial cultures from the fermented coffee. This microorganism-rich mossto is used to fuel the fermentation of this lot of coffee. Freshly harvested cherries are depulped and fermented in ceramic lined tanks for 18–24 hours with the mossto added. The coffee is then washed with fresh spring water to remove the remaining mucilage. Washed coffee is dried on either raised beds or concrete patio, depending on weather conditions.

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