size: 300g 

roast profile: FILTER 


tasting notes:  RED CURRANT - CANDY - ALMOND BAR


origin: KENYA


washing station: KANAKE FACTORY

producer: KOMOTHAI FCS

variety: SL28, RUIRU 11, BATIAN

process: WASHED / fermentation 24-36h (no soak)
elevation (MASL): 1900



KENYA Kanake

  • You will find this washing station on the upper elevations of the Aberdare Range in Kiambu county.
    Nestled in between small tea farms and low laying clouds.


    Kanake Factory is part of a larger Cooperative (Komothai), which manages 12 washing stations (called factories in Kenya). This scale can be an advantage, in this case, allowing Kanake to take over a dry mill to see their coffee all the way through. And the coop makes more when they keep milling in-house.

    Cherries are pulped then fermented in tanks for 24-36 hours before washing through grading channels and dried on raised beds for 7 - 14 days with regular turning.

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