This coffee offers sunshine in a cup! A vibrant cup profile with flavour notes of lemonade, mellow peach and sweet honeydew melon. The body is light and tea-like. 



size: 300g, 1kg & 5lbs 

roast profile: FILTER




origin: TANZANIA

location: MBEYA, MBOZI

cooperative: IYENGA AMCOS


variety: PEABERRY

process: WASHED

elevation (MASL): 1675-1900


  • Tanzania is a country rich in history, culture and resources. In East Africa, only Kenya has more wealth. But these numbers hide the incredible disparity you see between rich and poor, north and south, estates and smallholders.

    The Iyenga AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society) was established in 2003 with 193 registered members and collects from just over 500 farmers. These are smallholders, most with 1-2 hectare farms and none with more than 5. Most members are within a short walk of the washing station, the farthest farm being 10km away. Still, during the harvest the group organizes trucks and motorbikes to pick up cherry and make sure that all is pulped within 8 hours of harvest. 


    Access to water is one of Iyenga’s biggest challenges, especially during the dry season. Conversations during the annual meetings include ideas for damming a local river or creating a rainwater reservoir. Their government-granted Penagos UCBE 500 is an eco-efficient pulper that conserves water—which is critical in this area. 

    Iyenga has begun to build a name for themselves—in 2019 they won the Taste of Harvest Competition with their AA and PB coffees. In partnership with our partners Crop to Cup they are expanding drying bed capacity to increase drying times, currently a bottleneck in quality production.

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